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Terraforming Mars is a Metaverse Platform that allows participants to develop land on Mars so that humans can live there. Participants can produce water, air, and plants in the Metaverse space, creating an environment where more and more humans can live.

Metaverse participants will use the blockchain-based DeFi system to build a transparent and stable financial system unique to MARS, and receive TERA coins as a reward corresponding to their activities.

What is Terraforming Mars ?

Terraforming Mars is a MetaVerse Platform to develop Mars,

so that humans can live on Mars


Green MARS

Developing the Martian wasteland known as the Red Planet as Green Mars


Produces resources such as water, oxygen, and electricity to increase terraforming levels so that humans can live


Increases the capacity of habitable population on Mars



Financial activities on Metaverse are centered around the TERA coin


Building a transparent and stable decentralized financial system using blockchain


TERA coins are rewarded according to activity using the DeFi system


Terrority Ownership

Territory Ownership


The land on Mars is certified and managed through NFT


Manage 30 regions with a total of 30,000 Territory NFTs. Proof of ownership and TERA rewards through staking in Territory NFT



Owners of Territory NFTs can issue Settler NFTs and increase the population by upgrading Territory NFTs


Terraforming Work

Resources for terraforming, such as water, oxygen, and electricity, can be obtained through Miner NFT


Territory NFT can have 1 Miner NFT installed and


the resources mined in Miner NFT will be used to increase and upgrade Territory NFT's terraforming level


Miner NFT upgrade to increase resource acquisition



The Metaverse that can be experienced through the terraforming project of Mars is an expanded virtual world where politics, economy, society, and culture coexist in real and virtual form

Blockchain is acting as a communication channel that connects these real and virtual worlds. Land NFT holders can participate in Governance through voting and participate in economic activities through rewards by staking TERA Coin and Land NFT



To terraform Mars, two resources are necessary:
“Terraforming Point” and “Population”​


Terraforming Point

Terraforming Point is a point system indicating the level of necessary resources where the environment of Mars is self-sufficiently inhabitable for humans

• A single type of resource can be collected per one tract of land

• Acquire resources necessary for terraforming by exchanging resources with other users

• Terraforming points increase when certain resources and certain quantities are acquired



Population is the number of people who can live in the area

• Land can be upgraded with terraforming points

• When a Land is upgraded, the population of the Land increases

• Citizen NFT can be issued in proportion to the number of people

• Additional resources can be acquired with Citizen NFT, and a certain percentage of the collected resources is paid as tax to Land NFT



TERA Coin is the currency used for terraforming of Mars. It is issued and distributed throght a decentralized blockchain


Liquidity Farming

We provide liquidity and allow participants to receive rewards so that TERA Coin can circulate

Governance Farming

Staking Territory NFTs to prove ownership and receive rewards

Population Farming

Territory NFT holders can issue as many Setter NFT cards as the size of the population, and can sell the issued NFTs on the exchange


TERA Coin, 
Decentralized Finance for Terraforming Mars


Territory Ownership

Mars is divided into 30 regions, and the ownership of each region will be managed in the form of Territory NFT. Owners of Territory NFTs can engage in activities in the Metaverse ecosystem and earn rewards through various methods

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Farming Reward

Stake Territory NFTs to proove ownership and receive rewards


Minting Settler NFT

You can create and sell as many Settler NFTs as the size of the population of Territory NFTs

10% of TERA coin used for staking and upgrade of Settler NFT is taxed to Territory NFT owner.

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Resource Farming

By installing Miner NFTs inside Territory NFTs, it is possible to mine resources. Upgrade Miner NFTs to increase the amount of resources obtained

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Upgrade Territory

You can upgrade your Territory NFT with the resources you collect. Upgrading will increase   population of territory and it will possible to issue a new Settler NFT


Terraforming Work

Terraforming Mars participants receive rewards for performing various activities to upgrade their terraforming levels in the metaverse space, such as mining resources

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Ore Miner

The land of Mars contains various resources necessary for terraforming. These ores are mined and used for terraforming

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Water Conversion

Water exists in the form of ice beneath the surface of Mars, so to create water it must first go through a melting process followed by a purification process

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Air Generator

Mars' atmospheric density is as low as 10% level of the atmospheric density of Earth, so oxygen must be constantly produced for terraforming

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Solar Station

In MARS, installing solar panels to use the abundant sunlight ensures a steady production of electricity

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Plant House

As the population of Mars increases with terraforming, more food is necessary


TERA Coin Allocation

No sales and No investement were made.

Starting with rewards to those who provide liquidity, TERA coin distribution will start


Release Schedule of TERA


Reward Type : Marketing Reward

% of TERA allocation : 0.2%

% of TERA : 20,000

 Schedule : 8th November 2021 to 30th December 2021

Reward Type : Year 2

% of TERA allocation : 10%

% of TERA : 1,000,000

 Schedule :  16th November 2022 to 16th November 2023

Reward Type : Next Year

% of TERA allocation : Determined by the Land Owner's vote


Reward Type : Year 1

% of TERA allocation : 10%

% of TERA : 1,000,000

 Schedule : 16th November 2021 to 16th November 2022

Reward Type : Year 3

% of TERA allocation : 10%

% of TERA : 1,000,000

 Schedule : 16th November 2023 to 16th November 2024

• The issued TERA coin will be paid as a reward for 3 years and marketing reward

• Compensation can be received by anyone

• From the 4th year reward, the percentage of compensation is determined by the votes of the Territory NFT owners

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